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Where do XP Gains Go During & After Masteries


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I've started working through the Masteries portion of GW2. There are periods when I don't have enough Mastert Points to unlock the next Mastery line in the one I'm working on or another line in other Masteries.

The yellow XP bar along the bottom of the screen is full, the bottom corner stats are stuck (250,000/250,000) yet my character seems to still gain XP when hunting, gathering, and defeating opponents (yellow XP numbers appear and quickly fade around my character).

Are the XP gains being banked and will be released when the next Mastery line is unlocked or are they being discarded?

What happens to the XP gains after all the Masteries have been completed?

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On 11/11/2022 at 6:57 AM, DebraKadabra.5278 said:

Back in the days of just Heart of Thorns, that XP went nowhere. Until the devs decided that wasting all of that XP was, well... a waste. I wish they would've added the spirit shard "mastery track" to the game sooner, but they did and here we are.

it went towards ectra skill point didnt it not?

what we had befor hero point where introduced

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