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EOD Maps still causing memory usage issues.

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Preface : My Hardware is Fine, My files are Fine, My computer can handle everything else in the game with Minimal issues. Other people have Reported this issue in Spades. 

This is a Game-End Issue, One that's been around since EOD launch, and has yet to be even Remotely Addressed, Much less Looked into. 

EOD maps still generate persistent RAM leaks , requiring you to restart the game in order to resolve it. 

baseline is that Visiting Any EOD map will add 5% To My RAM usage. Which is persistant and carries until I shut down the game and restart it. 

I can go from 50% RAM usage ( With Discord and Chrome in the background ) to 60 Immediately In some cases, and it's particularly Harsh when Visiting Arborstone for any length of time. 

The bottom line is that something is still broken in these maps, has been since launch, and has remain unaddressed all this time. 

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