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Awful support, Trading Post is a buggy mess

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I'm so mad, I submitted a ticket after trying to buy 1 Berserker's Exalted Coat on the Trading Post but only the Trading Post had extreme lag. I assumed it would be fine, I'd just have to wait for things to load, wrong, I clicked purchase once, the system loads and I see a message saying I don't have enough gold for the transaction, so now I'm confused. The button apparently registered being clicked many times because it bought 2 and then tried to buy at least one more, luckily I didn't have that much gold or this would have been much worse.

So I contact support telling them what happened, give them the info, clearly you can see in the transactions that multiple seperate purchases happened back to back and I haven't picked up any of the items.

Support sent me a message saying they won't refund the purchase because they don't want to interfere with the player economy and I need to be careful to only purchase what I want when it's their buggy mess of a Trading Post that caused the issue and you're effectively losing real money with issues like this, it's B.S. the Trading Post is a trap and this is exactly the reason I quit to play FF14 and now I'm kicking myself for giving this game another chance.




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1 hour ago, Mad Maxxie.6075 said:

 I assumed it would be fine, I'd just have to wait for things to load


I clicked purchase once


I am somewhat willing to bet gold on the fact that these statements are not true and you went on and clicked the purchase button multiple times because you thought it didn't go through the first time. The best thing you can do now is to list the extra items you bought (preferably not insta sell them) to cut your losses. I mean, what do you expect them to do, take the items from you and gold from whoever you bought it from and swap that? Wouldn't you be pissed if someone bought your item and Anet then came taking the gold and giving you the item back?


I mean we all know that TP is bugged and the it can take up to several minutes before the item/gold lands in your delivery box.


Advice for future though - be really careful with your gold as Anet doesn't really do anything about it at all. They can refund an accidentaly deleted item, but they generally don't interfere with anything trading related. Which also includes trades outside of Trading Post, if you get scammed, they will punish the perpetrator but no items or currency is going to be refunded.

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