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Tyrian Help Desk 24 hour marathon!


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Hello Tyria! Today i would like to invite you to a 24 hour stream this December 17th for a full day of guild wars 2. The Tyrian Help Desk will be running from character creation all the way to the end of End of Dragons during this time playing all the PVE content in the game. This means core, LW1, LW2, HoT, LW3, PoF, LW4, IBS, EoD, all dungeon story modes and all DRMS! During this event we will be streaming on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/tyrianhelpdesk we will have two of every gen 3 precursor (thats 32 pres so one every 45 minutes) as well as tons of gold and other goodies including 2k gems cards! This is in celebration of just all things guild wars two after a decade of amazement! Follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/TyrianHelpDesk for more info and to help vote on how the character is made for the event. that's right the community will decide the toons story! Do hope to see you all come December 17th!


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