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Remove Alacrity from Overloads entirely - tie them to Blast Finishers (Tempest).


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While the popular idea of making Alacrity pulse on overload would improve usability, I believe there is a better way to reimplement it on Tempest while also allowing for greater build diversity and role flexibility.


Elementalist, since day 1, has been the premier combo field/finisher class, with access to more finishers than most other classes - combined. Yet, we have no interactions with this somewhat unique trait. Rather than loading more onto overloads, which causes the playstyle surrounding any Alacrity build to feel clunky, forced, and unrewarding; instead, move Alacrity application onto Blast Finishers. All finishers might be too much, however Elementalist has more than enough combo fields and blast finishers throughout its kits to give players freedom of choice in creating Alacrity builds that don't lock them into a single weapon set or force them to Overload every single attunement.


Tying Alacrity to finishers, specifically Blast Finishers, would allow Elementalists to decide whether to take utility skills like Arcane Blast or our blast finisher heal when supplementing weapons or builds without many blast finishers as part of the rotation (namely allowing Elementalists to play Power Alac Tempest or a much less clunky Condi Alac Tempest, and even Staff Tempest), while also giving player freedom to take weapons and builds that inherently play with blast finishers like Heal Alac Tempest with Scepter or Dagger/Warhorn.


The current implementation of Alacrity, as most Elementalists agree, is incredibly punishing in CC-heavy fights without significant access to Stability, and Overloads, like Shouts, are already fairly... overloaded. Please consider this suggestion for future balance changes.

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Classic forums feedback I suppose. "This would be bad" - fails to explain why with even hypothetical scenarios. 

Here are some additional thoughts:

  1. With this change, give Alac around the player, not the blast finisher - this would make alacrity much more consistent rather than dependent on player AoE or ground target settings.
  2. This change would benefit Alac Tempest in both PvE and WvW, given how many blast finishers and fields go out in WvW, it would make it both mobile and easy to play. Currently Alac Tempest is difficult to play in WvW due to the high number of CCs in large group play, making it nearly impossible to finish Overloads outside of Earth.
  3. 900 radius as recently standardized would be ideal.

I may write more later; however, I do believe this would improve Ele's alacrity application and build diversity within Alacrity Tempest on the whole, for the stated reasons here and my original post.

Remember: Critique is not "I don't like this" - give actionable feedback if you disagree. This is merely my suggestion given thought to alternatives to the popular pulsing Alacrity on overload idea.

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Catalyst is the top tier combo field and finishers spec to be honest. It altready revolves around getting auras through combos. Doing the same to Tempest and tying the Alacrity output to it sounds even worse than the backload on overloads. It's just too situational in real combat. Too reliant on combo fields from other players.

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Alac on overload focuses on the Espec mechanic, has decent uptime and decent upkeep cost, why change it? Sure it would be preferred to change alac into either pulse or upon starting an overload, but that's it. Combo's are the main feature of cata, why add it onto Tempest aswell? Also the last thing i want to do is continuously force myself to use certain weapon skills on cd just to upkeep my Alacrity. To top it off, the amount of blast finishers heavily depend per weapon. F.E. this change would basically mean that staff HAT is not viable anymore, simply because it can't provide enough blast finishers. 


Dont fix what isnt broken. 

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I was honestly looking for couple things about eles, things that we were very vocal about.

-Jade Sphere's energy

-hammer 3 (not damage buff) but more of a rework

-spending 2 mins to pop 3 lesser fire eles to mount up and see them disappear is a rly rly bad design

-alacrity on tempest


Eles does great damage, they only need couple tweaks like those above.

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I wouldn't mind options for both Alac on Overload as well as on Combo Finisher. It'd just be difficult to balance.

We see this with Warrior at the moment. It's really cool that they have a bunch of different options for providing Quickness, so you have many options to hybridise and provide some Quickness, lots, or 100% uptime. It does need to be tweaked from what I can see, because it appears that it's too easy to get huge Quickness uptime in groups without any dps loss, but the idea/theme behind it is really interesting.

The thing is though, improving Combo Fields is more of the theme of Catalyst than Tempest, and ANet have stated that they really don't want any one build providing both group Quickness and Alacrity. Personally, I'd love to see sprinkles of Alacrity for Core Ele, kind of like how Quickness is with Warrior, but less so for Ele since Ele's Elites already get Quick/Alac. I doubt that would happen though, again, due to ANet's stance.

Lastly, I think Combo Fields could do with some updates. The idea of them is really unique and a lot of fun to play around (imo); I never see mechanics like this in other games.


To respond to your suggestions more directly though, OP: I doubt this will happen, though I do somewhat agree with your ideas.

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