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Can't always crit while having 110%+ crit chance on Bladesworn, am i missing something?

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Even though it's still playable and much more enjoyable than berserker, it's a bit bothering that no one has any idea what im talking about, the crit chance increase which i was given from instances but even without them at 91% it's even worse am i missing something like hidden abilities scaling?

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1. Having over 100% critical chance doesn't help you, so you should redistribute those stats.

2. Some critical hit bonuses are conditional and may not always be activated.

3. You lose critical chance from: Overleveled enemies, Weakness condition, and downscaling (dungeons, etc.).

4. Weapon damage range will make some crits hit much lower, (this depends on weapon type).

5. Some enemies just can't be critically hit.

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