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Leeches ruin the game mode


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8 or so years ago I tried pvp, and kept dealing with players (both sides) who simply stood around and didn't fight.  I tried a few matches again this morning, and again, someone doesn't fight.


Look, I stink, you stink, whatever.  Get out there and get bloody, die, and try again.  Don't just stay back.


ANET, this is not a hard thing to fix.  Random enforcement by observing matches for a minute or two will quickly find people.  Issuing bans from the game mode for 1 hour, 1 week, forever (for repeat offenses) should be sufficient to get rid of the majority of these people.




P.S. Our players and their players were reasonably matched otherwise.  They weren't wiping the floor with us, they simply had us outnumbered.

P.P.S. I usually play WvW, and while this is a bigger problem there, it doesn't affect the outcome nearly as much.

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