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Glyph of the Stars: What does this actually do in Celestial Avatar form?


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This is the key phrase I'm looking at for Glyph of the Stars:

"Revive downed allies in the targeted area."

I do this and nobody gets revived. I also have an elementalist, and when I use Glyph of Renewal ("Revive an ally" (with different effects in different elements)) players are revived when they are downed.


Am I using this wrong? Why is the description on the elementalist version different than the celestial avatar version? I want this to work and I'm having a hard time with it.

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Glyph of Renewal grants 100% of downed health at once and therefore instantly revives the target(s) (unless they are very low and have poison on them). Glyph of Stars "heals"12% downed health per second so it can take a bit until the targets are fully rezzed and if the downed are too low and/or take too much dmg, it won't be enough to fully rez them.

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Oh I see, it's in the patch notes of the spell on the wiki.


    • Celestial Avatar: Reduced the number of revive pulses from 18 to 6. Increased the revive percentage per pulse from 4% to 12%. This skill now grants stability instead of protection, in addition to regeneration and vigor.


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2 hours ago, Lord Trejgon.2809 said:

didn't glyphs show avatar glyph tooltip next to nonavatar glyph tooltip when hovering over them out of combat with option to show full chain tooltips toggled on?

You don't get the numerical values, just a rough description of the skill.

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