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Guild Hall Resource Consumption - A GPU and CPU Story

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Recently I have been idling in Windswept Haven to make WvW siege and clear my backlog of materials. Usually I am alone and just hanging out with the queue and my phone, but I have been hearing my GPU spin up like a whirlwind when I idle in the guild hall. Sure enough my resource monitor is showing a whole 70% utilization for a single player idling in the scribe workshop. This got me wondering if other players are experiencing the same resource consumption that I am. Ultimately my concern is this consumption went unnoticed or is not being addressed with their plan to make the PvP arena a WvW training area in the future™.


If you are experiencing this issue, state the guild hall and how much of your computer's resources are being consumed.

CPU: i7-8700K 50% utilization at 4.29GHz

GPU: NVidia GTX 1080Ti 85% of my 3D Engine 80°C


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Unless you use vSync or a hard FPS limit, any 3D game will try to generate as many FPS as possible. This will cause high CPU and/or GPU utilization, depending on where your bottleneck is. When you're GPU limited, GPU utilization can be 100%. When you're CPU limited, a number of cores will be at 100% but due to threading limitations, you rarely get 100% CPU utilization on all cores, especially if you have more than 4 CPU cores or hyperthreading.


If you want to save energy by lowering CPU/GPU utilization, easiest way is to enable vSync or set a FPS limit.

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