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Coriolis Plaza Waypoint Hub in Memory of Lion's Arch glitch

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First, a hearty thanks to the people who finally decided to release the version of Lion's Arch the way the OG's wanted it for the past 8 years. Feels like being home, and not at Seaworld.

Second, I captured an image [seen here https://i.imgur.com/7itBcPp.jpg] which at first I thought was just a graphical glitch as I ran up to it. Walking past the Lion statue heading to Coriolis Plaza (easterly direction) you can see beyond the ramp, the outline of one of the mostly constructed (deactivated?) asura gates. However, if you approach it right, and don't walk too far past the stone rim that connects to the wooden boardwalk just past the lion statue, you'll see that there's a gate activated, but not only that - it's in a waiting/loading state (hourglass icon) and a "do not enter" state (big red circle with slash).

But, rest assured, take one more step past where my character is, and the glitch disappears. It returns to a hollow asura portal not yet ready for travel.

I thought these gates weren't supposed to be on at all?

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