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Female Human Eyelashes Appearance


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Do you mean i just have to find the right head with a makeover kit until i got it right?

I already tried many head models (yes i bought many makeover kits for nothing🥲) and none have such bold eyelashes.

The interesting thing is, that her hairband behind her is black. But when i use the winters heart infusion, all accessoires turned blueish. Is it because she had another aura on? It might look like she had another one on.

I like the infusion skintone so it's okay 😊

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You have to find the right head and the right infusion, or combination of infusions. Just one on it's own won't do it.

Also I think that's eyeshadow (makeup) not her eye lashes. You won't be able to get the full effect in the preview window because it doesn't show infusions even if you have one equipped and the window set to show armour, but I think it must be one of the faces with dark eye shadow.

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I thought so too that it might be a mix of several infusions. I tried it with winters heart and polysaturating infusions but thats not it. Maybe mystic infusion or aurora but i haven't one of them.


The winters heart infusion mostly "erases" makeup that's why i don't think its makeup...but i can't exclude that.

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