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Help needed here too and this one is even worse


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Consider this skill (bold emphasis mine).  Determine what the breakbar damage will be if this ticks to completion for a foe caught by the explosion.


Glue Bomb

Set an explosion that explodes into a puddle of glue, immobilizing foes caught in the explosion and crippling foes in the puddle.

Cripple (2s): etc

Immobilize: (3 3/4s)

Vulnerability (9 1/2s)

Number of targets: 5

Fuse time: 1 second

Puddle of Glue Duration: 3 seconds

Interval: 1 second

Radius: 240






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Okay, so.  Skills in the game typically show you their cumulative effect for multi-pulse or multi-hit effects, whereas conditions are shown per-pulse/hit.  Usually.

Now, in this specific case:

  1. "Fuse Time" means there's a 1 second fuse or "arming" time before the explosion detonates.
  2. "Interval" is the same as any other pulsing skill, and is the interval by which the skill pulses its effects.
  3. "Duration" in this case is exactly what it says on the tin:  it's the total time the puddle will persist.

This means you get exactly 3 pulses, one per second, after a 1 second delay.  You can read more about Glue Shot and other skills on the wiki.

For further detail, you're seeing what looks like the initial explosion (Vulnerability, Immobilize) and per-pulse (Cripple) condition effects of the skill, adjusted for your having equipped the Steel-Packed Powder trait and having some combination of Expertise and/or weapon sigils to increase their respective condition durations.

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To Dean BB:4268




I'm trying to compute the defiance bar damage the skill will do,  as I stated in the opening sentences.

It will be a function of the total immobilize duration + the total cripple duration and I'm trying to intepret the coy-speak that is pervasive in the description.   Read my response to itsprof.9523 below.  


To  itspomf.9523


Good answer, and I agree with it (and did before I wrote the question).   We are now where I wanted to be to determine what the defiance bar damage will be, for which you didn't offer an opinion.   

The problem is determining how many seconds each component will last.

Will the Cripple be applied 3 times?  That would be 6 seconds, and contribute 90 defiance bar damage.

Will the immobilize be applied 3x?   That would exceed the 10s cap on immobilize which contributes 500 defiance bar damage.

590 is a lot!      I test a lot of dps stuff solo in the Special Forces Training Area but can't test for a numeric value for defiance bar damage.   I have to use a known exact value,  measure the inches of damage on the screen, then blast the unknown amount and compare measurements.      My tests show this skill is more than 150 but not 4 times more or even near.


The Note on the wiki says the skill immobilizes on contact which might infer it doe NOT get tripled.   Coy speak is quite common in Arenanet's description of most things,  so here we go again.   If we got  1 immobilize it would be 200 + 90 for the 3x cripple and that's closer to the "inchs" measurement. 


Not used in the defiance bar, but will the vulnerability be 3x?  Vulnerability stacks intensity, so that means 3%, a useful amount.


Summary so far:  Something has to pulse 3x, but what is it?  

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Defiance bar damage from soft controls is negligible to worthless in many cases, especially in the most critical of cases and timed content. They also scale incredibly poorly for open world content.  600 defiance bar damage from 1 person? Great! 600 defiance bar damage from 50 people? Meh! The bar itself might only be around for a few seconds.

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What Khisanth said.


Now soft control is certainly not usless if many/most/all of then are apllied, but they do not stack in effect, only in duration, which is near useless for most breakbars.


So unless you are the only source for those soft control effects, which you likely are not in open world or even 10 mann instanced content, most often taking hard cc is the better choice.


The only exception being when solo and the breakbar has a significant enough duration.

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