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🎁 Juiciest Gift Exchange in Tyria with Teknomancer !🎁


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Happy holidays Tyrians !!!

It's time for a wonderful winter Gift Exchange and Giveaway ! Its time to celebrate in Tyria and so I am organizing a little gift exchange for anyone who wants to get involved in the holiday cheer 😃 Everyone who participates in the gift exchange is entered into a giveaway for 2000 GEMS at the end of the holiday season (December). Heres the rules and how you can be a part of it all !!


1. Send mail with the gift you would like to exchange to teknomancer.8475. If theres too much in my inbox and it gets returned just try next day 😃 

2. Your gift should be between 5 and 10 gold worth. Please no more than that. Lets keep it simple and fun 😃

3. Every person who participates gets 5 tickets into the giveaway at the end of December for the 2000 Gem giveaway.

4. I will randomize and send our the exchanges at the end of every week starting in December.

5. Its always fun to get something in the mail during the holiday.

6. ???

7. Have fun.


 " But but but BUT Tekno, what if I don't wanna be part of the exchange but I wanna get some gems too ??! " . 

Well I got you covered there too. Go on over to twitter and retweet this tweet ->Tweet Tweet Twitter !! <- . Everyone who does gets 1 ticket into the giveaway. Yes if you participated in the gift exchange you can also retweet for an additional ticket!


xoxoxo Happy Holidays !! 🎁




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