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Unsure what to use 80 boosts on


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Hello everyone,I am returning from a pretty long break from this game and WOW has a lot changed. Previously, I mained a thief while also playing a lot of Mesmer. After buying the HoT and PoF expansions I now have two shiny level 80 character boosts and I have no idea what to do with them.My thief was my very first class, and I'm working on training my specializations atm, however the gameplay with this class really hasn't seemed to change much. While I'm sure the class is just as effective as it used to be, I'm looking for something new.

If you had one (or two) level 80 boosts, what profession would you want to use it on and why?

I know this question might seem subjective, but it's hard for me to figure out what the "playstyle" is for all these other classes since so much has changed. I like being versatile, mobile, flashy spells are a plus since I've been so used to the plain thief animations for so long. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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To add, I would say I am looking for a class that has more jobs than just simply 'do damage' or mess with people in WvW/PvP.

Been looking at engineer and it seems like it can fill a bunch of different jobs on the fly, although I've never played and know very little about, anyone care to elaborate what the gameplay is like with engineer?

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Ranger can go Druid for healing/support or Soulbeast for damageElementalist has decent healing/support options or can spec as damage dealer, a complex but versatile class

Mesmers mostly play a support/tanking role with Chronomancer, cannot bring much damage.

I have always enjoyed the verstilty of Guadians ,especially Firebrand, who can throw some heals and boons in the mix, but it is esentially a DPS class at the moment.Warriors are, as far as I understand, most used for might sharing in PVE, so kinfof a support, and uses Spellbreaker in PVP, but not sure this is what you are looking for

Engineer is just damage. Engneer's ability to provide support has been nerfed, you can pretty much only build them for damage now. Scrapper gives some interesting tools for Open World solo roaming, but I think it is very limited to Beserker damage builds. I find my engineer a lot of fun, but I wont use him for end-game PvE content because I do not like the build needed to perform there

Cannot currently recommend Revenant despite seeming variety build options

I think you are looking at Elementalist or Ranger for your needs

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  • My first would be Rev, Although they are in bad spot but things are changing bit by bit. Having a good DPS specs for raid/frac ( Renegade ) and pretty versatile in open world content plus Regenade has alot of flashy stuff. Able to handle DPS role as well as Heal/Supporting in WvW ( Rev can heal really well ). But the downside is PvP, they do not have a decent build there.
  • My second is Mesmer, although this class would be my first but i just dislike pinky vfx and butterflies flashing around. Chronomancer - Tanking/Supporting, alway wanted in Raid. Mirage is hella fun in most PvE content with decent DPS, you live like a king due to Portal and everyone love it, pretty annoying and fun in PvP and 1v1 WvW roaming or any small scale fight. Downside, being mostly useless in big scale battle although portal bomb are alway useful.

  • My last would be Guardian, honestly i don't have much to say about this one beside :

  • DPS : able to throw out big numbers - Checked.

  • Supporting : able to throw out decent heal, ton of boons - Checked.

  • VFX : well thats the holy theme for ya, flashy skills - Checked.

  • Having really really bad HP pool = Thief.

  • Badass Heavy looking armor - Checked.

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The nice thing about the 80 booster is you can test the profession before confirming that you want it to be permanently lvl 80. Negatives are you don't get to try out the elite specs, but it'll give you an idea if you like the core profession.

My thoughts on each profession:

Thief is fast and deals a lot of damage but is very squishy. Takes a good amount of time to learn how to dodge properly to stay alive.

Warrior is a mixed bag depending on what game type and which elite spec you choose. Berserker is quite bursty, but Spellbreaker is faster and has more survivability.

Guardian is slooooooooooow but overall the most balanced class. It's very good damage wise (both it's elite specs are top dps). Dragonhunter is quite bursty and the profession finds itself in meta in all game types. Negatives are the useless spirit weapons.

Necro is a mixed bag as well. Very strong in competitive but still not really wanted in pve. However, Scourge has great support and Reaper has good dps. Reaper tends to really shine in non meta setups.

Revenant is what it is. The profession suffers from a lot of things (like missing underwater legends and numerous bugs). Herald is completely undesired in PvE (unless open world or non meta groups) and Renegade is only wanted in PvE (lacks a lot of survivability). This is however my favorite of all the others.

Elementalist is very squishy. But top dps. Tempest is much better for non meta comps in pve than weaver. Weaver is really good for meta on non moving targets. Not too sure about competitive since I've never played one in it, but I imagine you really need to know what you're doing to survive because the vast majority die fairly quickly.

Ranger is good across the board (despite some bugs). Druid will always find a place in pve and condi Soulbeast is welcome. Ranger suffers raw power wise as Soulbeast and Ranger have far superior dps in condi. Plus there's nothing quite like catching all the Pokemon...I mean pets...

Engineer is my least played profession, but Holosmith is very bursty and a lot of fun. Scrapper is outshined by core Engineer, but does have a lot more stealth. Lots of complaints about having to use kits. Engineers can be very annoying to fight in competitive due to their nature (I love being CC-ed constantly!) and a lot of people who love Engineer cling very tight to it.

Mesmer is a great profession that offers a variety of fun playstyles. Chrono will always be meta due to the alacrity and quickness it provides but it won't win any awards in the dps department. Core mesmer has great dps and Mirage is currently one of the highest dps specs with a very braindead rotation. Mirage also has so many blocks and evades that it can troll people really hard. (I mean any of mesmer's specs can)

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This isn't META by far but I'm about a 95% solo player and so I've taken a class/build that supports my specific play style. As such, I play a LB/GS Druid that focuses on DPS but also has enough healing gear to keep myself and my pet alive in pretty much every situation I run into. I use almost the exact same build for PvE, PvP, and WvW and it's done very well for me. This may be something you may want to consider as it's great at self-sustaining and decent DPS.

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I used my first level 80 booster on Mesmer. You get Soldier's armor, trinkets, and weapons - GS, sword/pistol. I've completed the HoT collection for the Ascended Chrono shield and I use that (Minstrel's) shield instead of the pistol now. Other than the shield, I still run the exact same equipment that the booster gave me. And I can solo many/most of the HoT Champion HPs. So, while it isn't the best stuff in the world, I don't normally worry about my mes getting wrecked. I'm probably going to burn my PoF level 80 booster on a thief since that is the only one that I don't have already.

On an alt account, I've got an engi and a ranger at 80, with a thief at 65. And I still have 2 boosters that I haven't used. I'm leaning towards mesmer and revenant. But I'm not sold either way yet. The Rev would mostly be for the mistward armor collection anyway.

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Hey thanks for all the feedback so far guys!Been doing more research and I'm really trying to avoid caring about what is currently meta etc so I make a decision purely out of fun.Right now I'm still leaning toward Engineer, as most I've read about it is that it is fun, although the comment earlier about them not really being very good in support is pretty disappointing since they seem to come with gadgets for every scenario. Gonna spend some time testing to see what it's like.My other choice right now is possibly Elementalist, even though I was trying to convince myself to pick a heavy armor class (for some reason I never play these classes and figured it might be fun to try).

Otherwise I was thinking Guardian, but seems to be very trendy and not to mention I'm not a huge fan of the whole 'holy light' stuff, not much of a paladin type (hence why i mained a thief for so long).

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