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No one plays warrior


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On 11/21/2022 at 5:50 AM, ManaPotato.3279 said:

I struggle to find a single warrior in LA or Arborstone, yet alone strike missions where they are nonexistent. The most I see are Engineers(Mechanists) and Mesmers(Virtuosos)



Just no one plays this class, its completely abandoned and forgotten. And when its played its 100% because its banners, which became less relevant than ever since rework.


Banners are demise of this class, alongside weapons being clunky and utilities not competitive enough. The entire class needs a major rethinking, even more desperately than elementalist.

That's because most warriors left the game and gw2 decided to not be an actual RPG with dedicated roles. For the class to be rethought, the game itself needs to be rethought as well since warrior is the core of any RPG's combat and class design.

NOW, you have a game where the latest expansion powercrept everything else but pre-EoD warrior. A game where warriors have to play borderline godly just to keep up with all the powercrept mess of boons, super-speed, movement-preventing conditions from other classes. A game where the development has neither the will, nor the stomach to RETHINK their entire thought process and design and stick to a plan. A game where its pvp modes are in shambles.

As far as banners go...nah. If anything, it's a slight improvement even if the unique buffs are gone. No, what really screwed warrior is the 2020 update. That was disastrous for this class. A so-called "melee" class that is too slow to keep up, with clunky weapon skills, low damage AND low sustainability is (again) disastrous.

Man, I tell ya. It's been a juicy 10 years. The core game is alright, but I'm basically just calling it in on gw2.

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