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Purified Icebrood Aether not obtainable


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As the title says, im unable obtain the purified icebrood aether due to the aether crystal at the end of the light puzzle in Bjora not being there/spawning.

- Yes, i do have the buff from the crystal at the start
- I've tried this on different days already
- I've tried it on different maps already (tried it on a meta map where Drakkar was successfully killed and on a map where the meta failed)
- I've tried it on a different character
- I've tried doing the raven shrine first and also looted the chest
- I also noticed the buff not going away even when i glide (it should disappear as the buff = for no gliding, no mount usage, no teleport skill usage), so maybe thats a second bug on top of the crystal at the end not being there

Also a little side note; I completed the achievement  4 times already and got 4 Jormag weapons, so i can confirm it worked before.



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