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[EU] The Grand Tyria Run!

Heaven Karma.5697

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Hail adventurers!

The Legends of Avalon [LoA] will be running a Grand Tyria Run!!

The Grand Tyria Run is a series of events all across the world of Tyria, from the depths of the jungle to the sands of the deserts.
We will explore and conquer the madness in this world and liberate some rewards

This event is open for everyone to join. We will be doing as many events as possible so that players can attain the much needed achievements, xp, masteries and rewards

For any events in expansion maps. Please have the basic masteries i.e. basic gliding/raptor available.
We will list any specific requirements in a breakdown of events below.


Part 1 - Core maps and Living World Season 1

Thursday 8th December - 18:30 (GMT/UTC)

Orr Temple Run (by Guardians of the Dutch [GOTD])


Friday 9th December - 18:00 (GMT/UTC)

Twisted Marionette

Battle for Lion's Arch

Tower of Nightmare


Saturday 10th December - Start 10:10 (GMT/UTC) All day event

Leyline Anomaly (All Day)

Awakened Invasion (All Day)

Rift Events (All Day)

Scarlet's Invasion (All Day)

Bandit Hunting - Requirement: Please have 1 Bounty Notice for each bandit before the event (Afternoon/Evening)


Sunday 11th December - 15:00 (GMT/UTC)

World Boss Run (Approx 5 hours run)
Triple Trouble at 19:15 GMT/UTC gathering time (by Triple Trouble Wurm [TTW])


Please join via lfg before the above start times

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It is on the list of events to for us do eventually. However we will do Serpents Ire when we get round to doing PoF events. Which will probably be part 5, and will take place sometime spring next year. We are stretching these events, to give a chance for players to play the content then join us if they still need events or achievements to collect.

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