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Another WvW/Gearing question


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Druid’s wear leather so Leatherworker is fine. However it is fairly easy to buy exotics from the trading post or earn and buy them with WvW currencies.  You may find the time and gold investment in leveling Leatherworking slows down your acquisition of the gear you need. 

You may find better value in leveling cooking to make ascended feasts (the top food type) buffs. 

As for flying mounts, you can earn the Griffon or Skyscale by completing the associated achievements in PoF and LWS4 for these. These mounts are for PvE zones only. However, in WvW the only mount you can use is the Warclaw which is earned exclusively in WvW via reward tracks. 

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27 minutes ago, Cernoch.8524 said:

And also important thing you maybe missunderstand is that those mounts you see in gem store are ONLY skins. There is not single mount you can actually buy, you have to earn them in the game.

So say I want the turtle one...I have to earn a regular turtle mount in game somehow?

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If you're mainly going to be playing WvW you should know that the only mount you can use there is the warclaw, which is unlocked in WvW. When you start WvW put a point into the Warclaw ability track and select the Warclaw reward track and then you'll get most of the requirements just by playing WvW normally. At some point, when you have enough skirmish tickets and badges of honour you'll need to buy the body and leg armour from merchants, and you'll get those currencies just from playing WvW.

All the mounts in GW2 have a specific method to unlock them. The raptor is easy now, if you own PoF or EoD you'll get it when you level up, or you can get it from the first step of the PoF story or by completing a heart in EoD. The springer, skimmer and jackal all come from hearts.

The others are optional - they're not required for anything in the game except a few minor activities, like doing races, but many players do find them useful and fun. Each one is unlocked by completing a collection, some of which are quite long. You can find out more about them here:
Roller Beetle
Siege Turtle

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