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How to get to Shing Jea Island?


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Besides starting the story (and presumably 'practice'), is there an 'organic' way to go to Shing Jea Island, like a boat, or do you take alts to Arborstone and then just have to work your way backwards to Shing Jea?

Looking for a comparative experience to PoF, I guess. I had a portal scroll that would take alts to Oasis, where I could map complete from there forwards. In EoD, it looks like the closest experience to that is Arborstone, then work your way back to the island, and then map complete forward?

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Thanks! I thought as much.

I did find one other way, but it only works if you have "Thousand Seas Pavilion" (if I named that right). You can take the zip line down and then go to the fishing portal and pick Cantha and then pick the option that takes you to that island. Not perfect, but gets you a little closer, and again, only works if you have that pass.

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2 hours ago, Cyninja.2954 said:

Just a small side note:

If you do not finish the first EoD mission which brings you to Shing Jea, you will not unlock the fishing rod for that character making at least 1 of the heart quests in Shing Jea a chore which can easily take longer than going through the story.

The fishing mastery track (which gives the ability to fish) and the basic fishing rod are unlocked account-wide from completing the story step Old Friends. I've done fishing with toons that haven't even started the EoD story. If it doesn't work this way then that's a bug.

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