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Cold Comfort achievement, what am I doing wrong?


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For the Escape from Lion's Arch story category, the only retaking achievement I am missing is for the eastern rally point.

I have been fighting in this area the past couple of times I have been in this mission. But I haven't been granted this achievement. As well as taking the points prior to the champion spawning, I'm also successfully helping kill the champ. 

What am I missing? The wiki doesn't contain any hints on how to get this achievement.

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For this achievement (similar to the other 2 related achievements: The Northern Gambit - Canal Ward & Breach from the Beach - Fort Mariner), you must retake Priory Foothold. Those are the 3 zones after capturing, will open up all the waypoints.

Make sure to go to a fresh map where all the zones are Red since they are the ones everyone will retake first. Immediately waypoint to Priory Foothold and retake that zone. You should get the achievement as soon as Priory Foothold turns Blue so long as you participate while that zone was still Red.

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