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Back since 2012. I've caught up but still got some general questions


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Thank you in advance for anyone that reads and helps on these. I bought the game in 2012 and played for a while but quit before any large patch releases or expansions. I have an 80 thief and some mid level guys. So here are some basic questions I can't really find easily.

  1. I've always had 5 character slots. I bought both expansions. Was I supposed to get more with the expansion purchases or was this always at 5 and additonal costs gems?
  2. I'm still limited to one bank bag it seems. Expansions didn't increase these? If you purchase for one character does it carry over to the others?
  3. I'm not real excited about my thief so will likely level something else up. It appears I left off not killing a dragon for my personal story on the thief. Should I do that and get in to the expansion areas to unlock gliding and mounts for my other chars I want to level up first?
  4. Understandably i was kicked from my guild if it even still exists. I don't know anyone yet, would I be better off on rewards to just create my own for now?

Thank you!

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Welcome back!

  1. There were higher tiers of the expansions that included an additional character slot for each one, but if you paid the lowest price, they were not included. Character slots do sometimes go on sale for a lower gem price, if you aren't in a hurry to expand your roster.

  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "bank bag." If you mean your bank tabs, then those are shared among all characters on an account, and none have been added with the expansions, but they also aren't that expensive. If you mean your bag slots in your inventory, each character starts with five bag slots that you can purchase a variety of containers for, but additional bag slots are only available to the character you add them to.

  3. It depends on whether story cohesiveness matters to you. If it does, then you might want to take things more or less in order, but consider doing just the first story segment of each expansion to unlock gliding and mounts in order to start training your various masteries and give you some variety in moving around the world.

  4. You'd probably be better off finding a guild to join for a while, anyway. Starting a guild and establishing a guild hall is a lot of expense. There is a place here on the forums to look for a guild, or there are often guilds advertising in map chat, and joining an established one will let you see what's available before you start shelling out gold.

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Welcome back! I don't have answers to all your questions but these should help clear up some of them:

  1. One additional character slot per expansion is only unlocked for free when you buy the deluxe or ultimate versions of the expansions. Wiki has a bit more detail on what you get from the expansions here and here.
  2. I'm not sure about the first part, but bank storage is account-wide so whatever is unlocked on one is unlocked for all characters on the account.
  3. Depends how far you've gotten into the personal story. If you're in part 8, I'd just go and finish it off. You technically only need to complete the first chapter in each expansion (someone can correct me if I'm wrong) to unlock the gliding and mount skills. For HoT, you'll need to discover other zones to unlock other masteries, while for mounts, you'll need to complete the appropriate heart quests and get mastery points for the mounts.

Cheers :)

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I'd add that it would probably be best to go unlock gliding at a minimum. There are just too many times where you fall off a cliff or miss a jump and popping the glider saves you from falling to your death. :)

Also, you don't HAVE to kill off Zhaitan in the personal story before starting the HoT story. I think I finally killed Z around a year after I started getting mauled to death in HoT.

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