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Would love to do serpents Ire meta sometime in december? could we organise something? :blush:

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9 hours ago, IvIDes.1026 said:

Title pretty much says it all. I've had an incredibly hard time pugging this the last few weeks. Would there be a dedicated few that would like to run this with me sometime scheduled this month? 🙂

It will be very difficult to set up anything like that here since those that visit the forum is an extremely small portion of the player base. But you can certainly try by listing your server and date/time.

The best bet will be either constantly checking LFG. Or list it yourself on LFG if you have a commander's tag. Also announce on mapchat that you're doing it. If not, a mentor tag might also work but it'll be somewhat harder.

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You need to tell us if you're on an EU or NA server, since only people in the same region can join you. Either way I'm sure you'll find some people. If it's EU and it's on a day when I'm available I'd like to join, but my availability is very unpredictable so I'm not sure when that will be.

If possible it's best to schedule it for peak time, which is roughly 16:00 - 22:00 UTC for EU and around reset for NA (I'm not sure of the exact time) because more people will be online then. If you haven't done Serpent's Ire before it also helps to have at least one person who knows it well and can organise the group, especially for the first phase where everyone needs to spread out and not just follow a commander tag.

You could also ask your guild/s to help. If they're not a PvE guild they may still be willing to help since you need the achievements and if they are a PvE guild you could even ask about making it a guild event.

Advertising it in the LFG tool is important too (even if you're doing it as a forum event) since that's the main way people find groups for things and the majority of people looking won't start their own group. Check what time the event is due to start and start advertising your group about 20-30 minutes before then. You can also post in map chat periodically to let people know you're putting a group together since people may come to the map for other things and then decide to join in once they've finished their goal. You could also say in the LFG and map messages if you're looking for someone to organise it and someone may volunteer.

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