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A sad norn with out a companion (a serious question)

xXI Bane IXx.2974

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Dear Anet

Please do hear me out, yea i know one of the many players requesting or asking for something again

but i am wondering about somethingThe next roster might look familiar to you

The weapons sets till now have something in comparison.Please do stick around and see:

knife-sword-greatswordMace-hammerpistol-riflescepter-staffshort bow-longbowFocus ( magic based shield)-shield(physical shield)and then we have warhorn and torch

But one weapon seems to be a bit aloneits the axe its has no bigger version what seems odd to me.

partly because of the artwork for the warrior wich pictures a pretty big man (a norn i think) with a pretty big axe (definitely not 1-handed)Also, i have read all of the guild wars books with great pleasure (do give my regards to the writer) but in the book of: The ghost of Ascalonthere was this Norn Gullik Oddsson he was called and he wielded a 2 handed axe as well and because of his story,i was thrilled to have a Norn with a 2 handed axe (and as a norn believe a story of a norn should be remembered and uphold and thanks for adding the grave of kileen)

and to be fair who wouldn't want to be a big hulking norn cleaving some svanir in two with his mighty two-handed axeto be able to go back to his homestead able boasting about his cleaving skills.

Til now i was able to overcome my sadness and feel contempt with what i have but since the expansion of path of fire (awesome job though)there is this ogre village with some ogres and they seem to have a pretty need looking 2 handed axe on his neckand that resulted in this message.

What i could suggest is to add a 2 handed axe in the game for some of the classes but i a not unfair and i do believe that itcould be a pretty big hassle for you guys in this state of the game.

so i could also ask for some skins for the hammer or the greatsword, you know some low entry skins for the poor people that still,looks good and basic for a few silver or achievements but mabey also some cash shop items or black lion arch tickets item.

Thanks for taking the time to read and do hope you can do something with this.

https://ibb.co/kayOyR (ogre axe)https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Warrior (artwork warrior)

With kind regards

Erik with a sad norn

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