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I need to "choose a signature skill" before I can continue on Belchers Bluff?


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When I try to ready up for the next Belcher's Bluff with the next NPC, I get this message - "Choose a signature skill before you use ready"  - I don't know what it means and I have no idea what I'm meant to do, or if I even can? - Anyone have any advice for me please?

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You choose a signature move with the skill #6. Before starting a match, you have to choose the signature among the available ones. When you defeat someone, you will acquire their signature skill (I suggest to start from the Asuran lady, she's probably the easiest to defeat without a good signature. Leave the Norn for last).

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Thanks guys - didn't realise I had to press 6 to get to the signature moves group (it was greyed out) - I already beat one beer guzzler - (Berddi) - which is what made me seek out others - but Berdi didn't require this odd mechanic - thanks for the help - managing to actually battle Maddie now.... :)

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