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Please tell me the beta ends on Friday

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I think the beta ends - only one week and afaik only one beta per link phase. (So people still can play a lot together with their link.) I do not know the plans on how many of the skins they want to give out via betas. (Might be another option to acquire them later - also for people that could not participate in th beta.)

Development might still take some time. I think it won't be before 2023 until they have finished the whole thing.  ... but there might be times when they plan to include 2 betas per link phase (8-9 weeks or so). To test more and give out more skins. This one is pretty early after the relink. 2-3 weeks before the end ... another one might happen? We'll see.

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6 hours ago, melodyca.8921 said:

Its not fun being out numbered and spawn killed by a server with a known reputation

Isn't it interesting how Arenanet has a policy that "complaining about a abuse from server or individuals" on the forums gets you a warning? 

We don't have to mention the name. Everybody knows who they are and how they wreck wvw. Why arenanet promotes abuse and penalizes those who mention it is another matter. I haven't played with a single server that hasn't said the same thing--except for Blackgate. They didn't say anything. They took the week off.

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