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Team Assignment Bug on Map Switch

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As you can see on the attached Screenshoot I am (correctly!) assigned to Seven Pines - which is green - this week.

I was correctly on EBG and decided to port to our Green Home Boarder Zitadell.

Surprisingly I ended in the Red Spawn (Griffonfall Border) of the Green Border Lands.

Looks like I switched teams from green to red during teleport.

On the next teleport back to EBG I was switched back to green.

And on the next try to go to Home Lands I finally ended in the Green Home Boarder Zitadell.


Attached a screen shoot from me in the Red Spawn:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/sfa5fv0kglil8yn/wvw bug.jpg?dl=0


PS: If this happens more often, it can also have effects on the queue, I maybe would sit in the red queue (if they would have had queue) of  the GBL while playing as green on EBG

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I have not seen this kind of bug happening to me, but teams (in all beta's?) are messy:

* this week i am assigned to the red team: Phoenix Dawn

* the guild roster shows different names: for our red border map that is Silent Woods

* when our server captures something then our server shows us a 3rd name: Rings of Fire


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You would expect that things get better with every beta release, especially the essential parts like team assignments. But so far i can't see much difference between the beta's. And some things just went worse: i am on a super unbalanced match-up, with many people who barely speak English, which makes the current beta very disappointing for me.

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