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Chronomancer's Continuum Split can cancel skill casts when it ends

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Steps to reproduce :
- Have the skill be on cooldown at the time of entering cs (i stow cancel the cast so it doesn't go on full cooldown but that is irrelevant to the bug ; you can still bug out skills that went on cooldown "naturally")
- Cast the skill as cs is about to finish (the cs can be of any length and you can close it manually too or let it run out naturally)
- If the cast of the skill finishes when cs is now closed/over and the skill is still on cooldown (from when before we cs'd) then the skill will be interrupted and go on interrupt cd regardless of the cooldown it started with
- If the skill goes off of cooldown before the cast resolves (so let's say you entered cs while x skill had 0.1 second of cooldown left, and by the time it finished casting out of cs the cooldown naturally cooled down back to being off the skill will not be interrupted
- This can happen on pretty much any skill that has a cast time (so far I've tested greatsword 2, 3, 4, 5, staff 1 (yes the auto), 3, 5, disenchanter and sword 5)
- This bug is not related to any traits or boons, I have tested with only the chrono traitline equipped (for cs) and no traits selected and no boons.

Video with examples timestamps for each skill 


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