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don't use the twitch prime copy button to copy item codes

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For the last two twitch prime loot promotions, pressing the handy copy button provided by twitch appears to copy the item code.  For some reason the code redemption window in the Gw2 account overview page cannot read the pasted text.  Instead of pressing that handy copy button: just highlight the item code yourself, copy it manually. and then paste it into the code redemption window.

I am not sure what the  miscommunication is, the letters look the same. 
I just thought folks would like to know.

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46 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Works fine for me every time.  Just make sure to enter it in the second code window in the Gem Store (Redeem Item Code, not Redeem Code).

I am aware of the tiny blue link for item codes, and I tried that multiple times and got an error message each time.  That is when I decided to try it on the account overview page.  It failed there too, it even told me that the codes had already been redeemed previously.  I went back in game and had no mail, so I tried the redeem item code link in game again and got more error messages.  At that point I decided to highlight and copy the text manually and try the account overview page.  Highlighting and pasting the codes gave proper successful redemption messages.  I logged back in and had the items in my mail.

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