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Help with location of Twilight Striker

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3 Months of grinding, and spending way too much time fishing has left me with a very negative view of certain aspects of the game. Kessex hill is the place to fish for World Class fisher (come again) in a polluted lake, to catch a twilight striker that only bites between sunset and sunrise. So why make world class fish in such a terrible location, but I would like to sing you a Christmas song, and thank you for the pockmarked vases, the rusted mechanisms, 7 broken bottles, tangled nets, broken fishing rods, fish shaped stones, crumbled ancient statues, rotten fish heads, pieces of driftwood, broken trident, broken fishing hooks, weathered peg legs (dumping ground for dead pirates?), shattered fishing cages, sigh, does not sound like a place for me, an avid world class fisher, but last fish to go, and lucky if I get 1 fish per hole and 5 minutes, and maximum of 4 holes to fish in 5 minutes because of the terribly slow mechanics. So any help would be appreciated, because I find this to be negative gaming, and a block to get an achievement. Thanks for any help, and yes, any hole any place, any bait, just 5 minutes and tried every location available, too many local fish only, just negative and not specific for world class.

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First, my condolences. Dusk/Dawn is basically the bane of the fishing feature (right up there with fishing stacks vanishing during a map change after you've spent an hour preparing for dusk/dawn).

I'll try to help from the perspective of someone who has maxed all the fishing and boat things (It definitely helps to finish out your masteries). My usual go-to is 1.) Make sure I have the bait/lure I need, 2.) Check the in-world time to anticipate when the things I need will start spawning, 3.) Get on boat, 4.) Eat sushi, 5.) Use the Skiff's turbo boost to get quickly to different fishing holes within the dusk/dawn window. I'm probably not the most efficient angler, but I feel like I can get where I need pretty quickly in that 5-minute window.

Some Tips:
- You're right that the stinky pollution water is the best bet for world class fish. If you're dead set on the Striker, it's a solid tactic to keep fishing there until the RNG gods smile on you, so if you can manage the stress long enough, you will eventually catch one.
- Complete collections in other, more profitable maps that bring you more joy, since the Twilight Striker can appear in many different fishing nodes (Boreal, Coastal, Deep, Desert, Lake, Offshore, River, Saltwater, Shore). This way, you still have a chance at nabbing one while also pulling in Ambergris from rare fish and from repeatable fishing collections. To increase the chances of reeling in a Striker, switch to baits that won't hook the dusk/dawn fish that spawn in those other maps if possible. This is less efficient than just hanging out in Kessex, but if your head is ready to pop off, it's an option.
- Pop your Fishing Power numbers up so you don't have to wait as long to start getting nicer catches. Get on the boat (Fishing party buff), Eat sushi (Fishing on a full tank buff & sushi buff), and use +100 lures. You don't necessarily need this to catch exotic-level fish, but it doesn't hurt.

As for the garbage:
- Consider picking up the Jade Bot from EoD. It can be equipped with a recycler upgrade that turns trash into other things when it enters your inventory (There are a few different options for this). It's very satisfying to fish up trash and watch it turn into treasure, and it also cuts down on the inventory spam.

Best of luck out there, and try not to hook the Krait Witch (But please send pics if you do).

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So, finally managed to catch Twilight Striker in the dawn period. Tyria's dawn and dusk 5-6AM, 8-9PM, so gives you a chance to build up stacks prior to that period. Remember to start saving those 10 Spiritwood planks and 10 Mithril rings along with 77,777 Karma if you want to buy the rod on completion, have fun, and this feather is now in the cap.
Cantha for the record has slightly different times for dawn and dusk, 7-8AM and 7-8PM, so does work if you have 2 charrs parked if you are targeting dawn and dusk fish, although I didn't build up any stacks, kept hopping between maps.

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