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[sPvP] Guard Builds You're Sleeping On


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Wanted to make a PSA on the top... 1. 2. 3... X.Y. Z.. Guardian builds in PvP

- Every build has Pros and Cons depending on team comp and/2v2/3v3/XvX/ matchups. There isn't a #1 build.. per se...

Core Power (and variants)

  • Disclaimer: This build will depend on Your Playstyle but the more consistently rewarding build has been Zeal/Virtues/Radiance with Marauders and Soldier rune, utilizing 'Advance' shout utility. Typically this build uses GS with Scepter/Focus for range + defense when needed. Utilities can be changed depending whether you need AoE damages (spirit sword), stun breaks such as [JI, CoP, SYG] etc. Marauder makes the build feel like old-school Willbender, delivering crazy damages with GS#3.
  • Other build options consists of multiple sigils on the utility bar for self sustaining/team oriented purposes depending on comfortable playstyle.

Reason it works: Core > WB in 1v1s -  The reason it works is because it offers quicker access to immediate healing with F2 along with immediate block/stunbreak of F3, all the while using the 'Advance' for additional AoE blocks. This allows GS#3 to be as successful as it is hitting a staggering 5k to 7k damage per hit. With Marauders the increase health pool will often out sustain Willbenders in 1v1's. A lot of this has to do with damage mitigation and opportunities to successfully land GS skills against low health pool players.

Willbender Zeal Bursts (use Scholar runes)

  • Disclaimer: You will die.. a lot.. if you're not accustomed to a quick triggering build that requires map awareness and overall mechanical proficiency.. That said, this build is the MOST damaging AoE burst spec in sPvP at the moment. It's 11k healthpool is extremely low but it straight up carries any normal ranked/unranked game when climbing the ladder due to it's single target - or multi target - burst prowess potential. Utility items can be altered depending on playstyle but generally Whirling Light and Judges Intervention is an absolute must, along side a secondary stunbreak like CoP or SYG to maintain pressure or escapage. It certainly does hit dead-ends when going against anything heavy condi or anything that is an exclusive 1v1 side-noding duelist. It is a +1 build that should be treated as such.

Reason it works: WB offers some of the most extreme on-point damages in the game, dealing damages to multiple targets at once. You'll gain value if you're able to dish out tons of damage enabling your team to clean house. 


Dragonhunder CC Zealer (edited: Jan/2023) - Soldier runes or Scholar runes, (your choice)

  • Disclaimer: This is the middle-man between Core Guard and Willbender. When against heavy condi comps this build will self sustain better with its cleanse on block and occasional CC. It takes the core guard GS damage but adds medium/long range LB DH damage, stength of both worlds. Wrathful Spirit means you will have 100% crit chance. You lose Virtues Stunbreak + Stability but gain a plethora (this is a big word) of Aegis blocks with Hunter's Determination, Fragments of Faiths, top it off with "Advance", when needed. Because you don't cast symbols all too often, Mystic Rebuke (shattered aegis) is taken over Symbolic Avenger

edit: there may be some errors on the builds because I was really drunk when making this post.. but if anyone have questions feel free to hit me up.
edit: I sobered up...

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Willbender gameplay, Ranked
(it's a low Gold game if that... will try to get something more competitive later.. I'm currently in the process of settings things up correctly on my end)

Video shows how I play an 11k health WB build, which is mostly the only thing I want to show from the video below so there's nothing all too special.


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On 1/9/2023 at 9:34 AM, Kynaras.6205 said:

Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to giving them a go. 😊

I edited the DH sPvP build a little bit. Went Marauders instead of Zerks so it can stay on point slightly better. Longbow/GS feels reeaallyyy fun for some reason. Also I went Zeal instead of Virtues but you can honestly still keep Virtues if you want because F3 stunbreak/stability is still clutch at times.... I just have a strange obsession with Zeal in all my builds. I have an issue. I need help. 

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18 hours ago, Axl.8924 said:

I got a question i read that support guard used to be real good in SPVP is it still meta?

And can you take it still to high tier like plat 1-3 with support guard?

Ranked SPvP and Automated Tournaments are very different when it comes to what works and what doesn't. Core bunker Guard is very much team dependant. I wouldn't call it a build that "carries" in general ranked queue spamming games. You are better off on some other Marauder/Zerk meta build. AT though, it has almost always been an A pick or S pick spec.

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