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Is pvp still counting some 4v5 as a loss even after 90sec?

kin korn karn.9023

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@LUST.7241 said:Disconnects only prevent rating decline (if you lose).You still take a loss.

I'd say you are fortunate to have prevented rating loss in placements.That's the thing, I don't think it did prevent rating loss, but there's no way for me to know for sure because placement matches aren't transparent with regard to their effect on rating. I had 4v5 last season during placements too, and I'm pretty sure I remember that it didn't color red as a loss, it only showed W/L for the 9 legit matches.

@Loop.8106 said:The dc is counted after 60 seconds, not 90.Oh, have they reduced it again? That's good cos 60sec is more than enough to kill a close match. Unfortunately, in my experience you'll still occasionally get rating loss even past the timer. I made a post about a counted 4v5 last season too, and anet said they checked the match and it wasn't long enough. (which wasn't the case, I was watching it like a hawk.)

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