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The Official Santa Charr Thread Season 6!


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Hello Everyone.

Welcome to The Official Santa Charr Thread Season 6!




Please take your time going through this thread to the bottom.






This is your host Evga.2471 and the creator of Santa Charr. That looks like a reindeer. With the stag Helm https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Stag_Helm_Skin

Thank you ArenaNet for making this possible.




Can you believe it season 6 already!

Even though Santa Charr didn't make it last year.



General Information:


• Who can take part in this thread?

Anyone that plays Guild Wars 2 including ArenaNet staff.

• How do I take part in this thread?

It's Simple just leave a Naughty or Nice comment below and you'll receive present's from Santa Charr during the Wintersday Event.

• I took part in previous years thread can I take part in this years thread?

YES. You can take part in this years thread.

• Is the same thing going to happen like the previous years?

Yes. Santa Charr gives out In Game items ONLY. NO GEM STORE ITEMS.

• Will Santa Charr be available to take pictures like the previous year?

Yes, Santa Charr AKA (Krosan Beast / Evga.2471) (Please use Evga.2471 when sending mail) will be available for; single and group photos. Just send a Skritt Elf messenger (in game mail or forums) to make arrangements. Disclaimer No Skritt were harmed for Santa Charr's Skritt Elf messengers.

• What server is Santa Charr on?

Santa Charr is on the NA Server, the World he's on is called Sanctum of Rall.

• I asked Santa Charr did you send me mail? He said yes, but I didn't get anything?

Please make sure your in game mail is not full.

• Will everyone get the same gifts?

It will vary. Everyone will get the same amount of gifts.

• When is the cut off date for this thread?

When the Wintersday event ends every year.





See what critics are saying about Santa Charr:


• "A Wonderful way to start off my first Wintersday."

• "Thank you Santa Charr, for coming this Wintersday."

• "Thank you Santa Charr!!"

• "Oh wow. Thank you very much for those gifts. Your generosity does you credit."

• "OMG Santa Charr really!!!! I didn't expect that much."

• "Thank you so much Santa Charr. We should get rid of Tixx and you should take his place."

• "Thank you for spreading Wintersday cheer and kindness to so many people with this thread! Keep up the great work!"

• "Dear Santa Charr, Here is a crazy idea: How about you drown the elder dragons in your gifts to keep them happy busy and bring peace to Tyria?This will give us time to restore the devastated lands and launch a vast campaign of exploration into the Mists and find new worlds."

• "Eight years in this game and I have never heard of Santa Charr. I am embarrassed. This sounds like lots of fun!"

• "I propose a new legion, the Wintersday Legion with Imperator Santa Charr! Happy Wintersday!"

• "Thank you Santa Charr, for being your glorious and generous self! You make Wintersday even better!"

• "I want to gently yet firmly caress your antlers. is that weird?"

• "Santa charr visited me today... mail is overflowing with gifts... costly items too. Id've been happy even if i got a single karma booster or some candy canes but he sent me costly items and too many gifts. I won't forget this.I wish I can gift someone like this. of course I can't gift a lot of ppl but atleast one or two. Best wintersday ever XD"

• "Thank you Santa Charr for the treats I discovered Christmas morning 🙂 It was most sweet of you."





You made to the last section!







So he's calling on EVERYONE, that leaves a comment on this thread to do your part.


Which is helping Santa Charr give out gifts to EVERYONE. So NO ONE is left behind.


This means:

You have to give gifts to everyone that leaves a comment.

And YES Santa Charr will give out gifts too.


Remember In-Game items ONLY. NO Gem Store Items.





Hi everyone.

Evga.2471 here with an important announcement.


With that being said and Very Sad News.

This Year Is Santa Charr's Very Last Thread.


I know this news is a shock. To those that have come around every year for Santa Charr.


The reason this is his last year:

Is that, it's very hard for me to take the time and play this game. It's also do to the career path I have chosen in life. BUT who knows Santa Charr might make a surprise visit in the future.


A Special Thank you to everyone for visiting,

The Official Santa Charr Thread Season 6!

Let the holiday season’s be good to you and stay safe for wherever; you may go.


Edited by Evga.2471
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On 12/19/2022 at 2:51 PM, ChampionMasquerade.5283 said:

I am but a mall Santa Cat in comparison to you. Thank you for the wonderful six years, even if I've only been around for two.


Your welcome. 

It’s wonderful seeing people return year after year. And the first timers.

Edited by Evga.2471
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14 hours ago, DemonCrypto.6792 said:

first timer here.

i'm happy to see such activities from our  community

and sad it maybe the last santa charr.

Awesome. Glad your here for your first one. I hope it will be a great one for you.


This is a joke. Not a very good one but I hope you get a laugh out of it.


Santa Charr wanted me to tell you this and I quote "He want's you to".... um...... um..... how do I put this? "Scream in Horror with the presents he send you."   W-w-wait WHAT? No we can't have this. SANTA CHARR COME HERE. What is this? The Mad King event is over and done with, what are you thinking? It's time to spread the Holiday Cheer. BAD SANTA CHARR, BAD, go to your corner and think about what you said.


I think Santa Charr is mad at me. Since this is his last event. Now I feel bad.


It's sad for me too. One of these years he will return I can promise that but I'm not sure when.

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On 12/23/2022 at 11:29 AM, NightDreamer.7423 said:

RL first, always. Good luck on whatever path you're on.


And never say never as well. 😉

Thanks. I'll try.




Going to start giving out gifts soon for those that have left a comment.

Edited by Evga.2471
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2 hours ago, Evga.2471 said:

Thanks. I'll try.




Going to start giving out gifts soon for those that have left a comment.

Thank you Santa Charr, I received my gifts. I hope you have a happy and safe Xmas and New Year. 

I've just sent out mine.

Edited by Hesione.9412
Updated after reading the OP better.
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On 12/24/2022 at 6:02 PM, Hesione.9412 said:

Thank you Santa Charr, I received my gifts. I hope you have a happy and safe Xmas and New Year. 

I've just sent out mine.



Got, gifts a few days ago.

Hope you all liked the gifts I gave out. I know it's not extravagant like the fourth season was.

Edited by Evga.2471
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Posted (edited)

Thanks everyone that left a comment.

Hope to see you all again in another Santa Charr Thread in the future.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Let the New Year be kind to you and your loved ones.


Until next time, Santa Charr signing out.

Edited by Evga.2471
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