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Auto attack chain cast problem


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Completing auto attack full chain cast is in most scenarios kind of impossible because dps lose/too slow.


HOW TO FIX => the internal delay for the upfollowing chain attack phase needs to be gone. This will give more smooth follow up to complete the full chain attack, without lower the cast time itself.



This will make it more usuable in rotations for following up skills, since normal auto attack outshine the chain attacks too much.

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As far as i know, or at least in the classes i have played, doing the full autoattack chain is allwais recomended, so much so that if you are going to cancel the 3attack  with another skill you are usually recomended to use the 3 AA and then use the skill, itd be good if you said wich class youre talking about, wich weapon and how you play it, meaning boons, build etc, hammer is usually slower  sometimes too slow, but i dont know many more weapons like that when the 3 AA isnt good enought

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