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Eir Stegalkin Tattoo, more detail?

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1 hour ago, ugrakarma.9416 said:

on character creation screen u see character "nude", or the NPC that change aesthetic, there preview also.

Check it on Character creation screen will be the best as the model will be bigger..


Hide armor, toggle lighting, max height, select the bald-headed female, 6th tattoo selection and Tattoo color Blue 1. You'll be able to rotate to see all the details.

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4 hours ago, Galmac.4680 said:

Why not just visit her in the one of the story instances and make own screenshots?

OP wants more details. Story instances all have same armor covering most of them, same as on Wiki pages.

10 hours ago, Almighty Dervisher.6720 said:

I have only two pictures of her tattoo, which don't cover that much. Is there any kind of detail or picture that helps with the general imagery of her tattoo?

Made a couple of composites that might help: Norn Tattoo Potrait & Norn Tattoo Full

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