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Updated Druid Open World Build.


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Druids are not good in openworld unless you are in a party with DPS players because realistically druid does less damage than any other ranger variants. Condi druid is technically the main druid DPS and in that case you might be better off with condi untamed or soulbeast , especially without any healing power stats.

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I run three Rangers: Soulbeast, Untamed and Druid 


While the first two specs are the strongest generally speaking, the Druid build I came up with has insane CC, good condi DPS (I don't use staff, it's useless) and survivability.


So, yes, if you build off-meta and get creative with your gear and skills you run, Druid can be strong offensively while also offering heal skills (two of which actually offer CC and damage at the same time) and have good survivability, as well as being fun to play.


I can kill almost just as fast as my Soulbeast build, no kidding, as well as shut down enemies and destroy defiance bars.


So, no offense, but the statement: "Druids are not good in openworld unless you are in a party with DPS players" is absolutely incorrect.


I do melt enemies faster with Soulbeast, but the build I recently came up with for Druid isn't that far behind and I'm actually rather hooked on playing it lately.

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If I were to play an offensive druid I'd pick. Longbow + Sword and Axe for sheer damage Whirling Defense normally leaves you rather vulnerable. But with the extra bits from druid, this is now properly covered.

BUT my preference would be to do Longbow / Staff... Because Staff has a great reposition and immobilization vine roots. Plus if you're trying to focus on BOW dps, Dropping a staff 5 wall down and then 3 reposition into it causes COMBO FINISHER WATER BLAST.

You can now fire through the wall with rapid fire bow while the wall is still up for a bit. To get COMBO FINISHER, PROJECTILE WATER as well as defend yourself from enemy projectiles.

Wilderness Survival

Focus on applying IMMOBILIZE to your foes. Combining Druid build tree traits such as immobilize upon disable. Along with Celestial Avatar being a great way to heal yourself back up and slap more immobilizations on your enemies with druid 3 and 5......

Longstory short A well built duelist druid should be able to keep enemies forever immobilized while raining hell upon them with quickness induced longbows.

Your DPS would come from POWER and MIGHT STACKING thanks to being a druid that easily supplies aoe MIGHT.... You could get a bit busted and choose to replace Wilderness Survival with Nature Magic and bunker down with some alacrity providing spirits.

Imagine a Bow DPS ranger that is perma immobilizing you. While healing themselves and allies. While turning you into a literal pincushion with alacrity quickness Longbowing.

EDIT: Oh... Holy sweet mother of Dwayna...... This is so overpowered in the correct hands but... I... I have a build to make now. Figure out the rest for yourself.

-cackles in evil druid laughter-

Edited by Logan.4796
my build no one steal :eyes: /joke
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