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Miniature dragons

Miniature dragons  

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  1. 1. Surely, couple of you remember when a miniature of Tequatl the Sunless was introduced. Over the years I have heard several people asking for other dragon champion miniatures --> the Shatterer, Claw of Jormag or even Shadow of the Dragon. The skeleton of these models is the same, so the question is only the reskin and specific animations. How would you find those, should they be added? Also, let me point out we are talking only about these dragon models, not the Elder Dragons, for some complex models like Zhaitan's would be nearly impossible to add.

    • Yeah! I'd love the dragon champs minis!
    • Sure, it is an interesting idea.
    • I'd prefer other miniatures first (please state which ones).

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11 hours ago, Fueki.4753 said:

Where's the "no" option?

Seeing how over-sized the Balthazar "mini" is, I do not want to see any "minis" of big enemies.

That's not really a reliable categorization, though: big enemy model = big mini model. The Tequatl mini isn't that big at all. Not like, for instance, the Toxic Hybrid mini. Tequatl's model is huge but the mini is reasonably sized, while the Hybrid is much smaller than Tequatl but its mini is ridiculously big. Using the same model as Tequatl for the other dragon champions therefore wouldn't result in huge minis.

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