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WvW During Wintersday (more Wintersday than WvW, no one in WvW will care if you move it there! :😝)


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Throughout Wintersday, I didn't get a WvW that "wasn't" Desert Borderlands, so I didn't get to enjoy the festival, which looks amazing in the WvW homes, and a great place for screenshots.

Just something for the future, maybe resurrect the old Borderlands so they are all the old ones during Wintersday?

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Which...is why I posted it in the Festival forum. 😬 (<-trigger warning)

Or...maybe set matching up in such a way that you get one old-awesome-wvw-decorations map during the festival when they rotate?

Or, make a copy of that main base as a place you can go (everyone, regardless of side they are one) with all the vendors and such, during Wintersday.

Just trying to think of low-impact ways to preserve it. Yes, lots of new WvW maps would be great, which would be an awesome WvW post. This was just meant more of an "I've always loved the decorations for Wintersday in WvW, and would like to be able to visit it once a year" post.

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I can see your interest, but honestly I don't stand still long enough in WvW to really notice decorations.Β  I don't think the time spent creating a festival map would be worth it.Β  I'm sure some players wonder why they don't have a Mad King themed WvW map or a Lunar New Year one.Β  Β Point is, those exist already in Lion's Arch or Divinity's Reach or other locations....that's by design to get you to go there.Β  Less work for the devs but also concentrates it to one area mainly so it doesn't annoy everyone.

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I am a bit confused but do you mean xmas decorations at the spawn on alpine bl? I dont think there is anything else besides spawn decorations, there are some for halloween too I believe?Β 

Either way, I think most ppl will not care and imo it would be very wasted time devs would have to put into it...I dont see many ppl besides afk farmers who would stay on the spawn just to look on few decorations, there is DR or guild halls for that.

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