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Matches with 100% AFK Players Should Not Cause Team Mate's Rank Loss (Just Like Absent Players)

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This is a simple request with a relatively simple fix, software development wise, to implement.  

Just as players who are absent for a certain amount of time in ranked sPvP matched do not cause rank loss for their individual teammates, so should AFK players also not cause rank loss for teammates if they are AFK for that same amount of time.  There is no difference between the two of them and their effect on the match.

Naturally, detractors will be quick to point out "But what about people who just hold W and run into a wall all match?"  Yes, that would be a bit more difficult to combat software-wise.  That is why what I am asking for is the same solution to people who literally do not use *any* movement skills whatsoever in sPvP ranked matched as exists for DCed/absent players that already exists now.

This also quashes any concerns about people who decide to AFK when the score is not going in their favor - that is a separate problem that would not be addressed by the solution I am requesting here.  Let us tackle one issue at a time.



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I don't know. Might really be hard to detect. And some are not just using W to run into the wall - some try to talk bad about others whlie announcing their afk. (If the team does not live up to their expectactions and/or they blame the team for everything.) Then they are actually typing in chat. Maybe moving or doing different stuff at spawn.

At least there should be (since we can't change builds anyways) an automated port out of the spawn if someone does not leave there. Might people that "play" like this ... maybe give an incentive to play more - some might be angry about getting killed and then starting to play again of they were force moved out of spawn. (And on the other hand: For people that still want to afk ... it at least might give the option to end the lost match earlier - if the enemy can get a few extra +5 from kill farming the guy that got forced moved out of spawn.)

Also maybe add a kick if someone got forced moved out of spawn multiple times during a match.

A person not using any skill is getting kicked afaik? (Have not seen this for a long time personally - since I usually play. "Surrender". - then dancing at spawn. Or the game crashes.) More of a problem might be a late starter (not the full team present at start of the match.) Due to crash or other stuff - who joins just barely in time to still qualify the team for rating loss. (Needs to be disconnected a certain time to get 0 loss I think.)

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I also would like to see folks who get four top scores on the losing team not take the rank loss, or take a lot less.  If I do top offence/defence/damage and kills… and I don’t have top deaths… your stupid match making should lose rank not me.

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impossible to implement even the most popular competetivie games have this issue and there is no way to detect or stop someone that wants to grief you. They could just play like kitten on purpose run into a wall, ect ect ect. Other games meditate this issue by being swift with bans and punishments which is something gw2 does not have and will not implement so nothing will change

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