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Shouldnt the new Lunar New Year seasonal events be moved to Cantha?


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As much as it would make sense to move it, I don't see resources being alocated to moving it to have it make more sense aesthetically.

I agree that it could be made as a selling point to grant f2p players access to some of EoD but the event would need to have races remade, firecracker events redone and Celestial Challenge would have to be done which I imagine would take the most time and that is already a buggy mess to begin with. Perhaps if the dev team wants to fix the bugs they could consider changing the location as well?

How much time and effort or how many devs would be needed to do that I couldn't say. It would be nice to try it for one year perhaps and see if it helps draw sales for EoD.

"Hey this area is really cool and that event was a lot of fun. I think I might buy that expansion."

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