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Fortune [Fame] 1v1 Sign Up - November 30th 2017

Trevor Boyer.6524

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFS3oms837ESign up -> https://battlefy.com/fortune-pvp-monthly/fortune%5Bfame%5D-1v1-tournament/59e070c5b667fd033d3b2744/info?infoTab=details-> North American tournament

1st place - 800g2nd place - 400g3rd place - 200g4th place - 100g

Few things:

  • This time around we will require everyone to join our discord during tournament organization for the ease of communication. Once things are in order, players may leave. Here is a perm link to our discord. -> https://discord.gg/p2JfpQm
  • Our biggest feedback on 1v1s within the last month is that Mirage is too powerful in 1v1 settings. Our first reaction was to put small limitations on Mirage builds such as banning Elusive Mind but in the end, we decided to ban the Mirage specialization entirely. From a tournament organizer's standpoint, it's pushing too many otherwise viable specs out of play and it needs to be omitted until we see some balance from arenanet.
  • Players need to register themselves as users on Battlefy so that they can sign themselves into tournaments.
  • Players need to sign in with both their account name and class they will be playing.
  • Contact guild mm.4269 or myself for help/questions regarding the tournament.

The event will be streamed by Nash.https://www.twitch.tv/nashgotsuperlucky

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With our ruleset, the 1v1s are literally rock/paper/scissors. When we designed it, we figured we'd stop trying to fight the rock/paper/scissors effect and just go with it. The rules state that you are allowed to swap your build but not class, if you are the loser of a round. So essentially, the "good" duelists are indeed the players who understand how to rock/paper/scissors. A player who has truly mastered a class and understand ALL possible viable build structures to be able to use against other classes, has good chances of getting far in our tournaments.

In other words, cookie cutter conquest builds certainly exist in a state of immovable rock/paper/scissor countering. In 1v1 however, the difference between a Scourge killing or being killed by a Spellbreaker is a simple spec alteration like equipping a rifle.

Sorry I missed the tourney btw, had to abruptly leave town for a few days on behalf of a family matter.

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