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Im about to hit lvl 80


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Virtuoso , it's a long range spec , easy to play , do not require a lot of input and has solid defence with 1 dodge and 1 invulnerabilty skill for free in the package , and he is currently one of the best dps , his weapon the dagger main hand is smooth , very quick , and deal good damage 

Also you don't have clones anymore , you stack up blades as ammunition to increase damage of your f1 2 3  skills , thats a big plus for open world as you kill just one enemy all your clones scatters , those blades remains !

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15 flying quaggans.


OK in all seriousness you want to look up Lord Hizen for faceroll open world builds and memes. As far as I can tell this is his last mesmer video and he still rates Mirage as high. He also might elaborate more in this tier list: 


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