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I would like to put my friend into the game as a birthday present

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On 1/7/2023 at 7:48 PM, Menyus.1769 said:

Hi Tyrians,


Before I start, I have to say that I know, it is a silly idea, but it wouldn't hurt to try to ask around about it. 🙂 I already made contant about this topic with the customer support, but they cannot help as they are not part of the development team. However, they advised to create a topic about this matter here, so maybe it will receive some attention and/or feedback and suggestions. Every idea is greatly appreciated!


My best friend and I will be 30 years old this year. He will celebrate his birthday in October, while mine will be in December. He likes creative gifts, and when I started to think about it, I realized that one of the very first games we played together was Guild Wars 1 back in high school almost 16 years ago. When Guild Wars 2 launched, we jumped into it, and got really fond with the setting of the game, we even wrote hundreds of pages of fan-fiction over the years. The protagonists in those stories were almost always the same, our main characters: a mysterious sylvari mesmer, whose overflowing curiosity and strange actions sometimes (always) caused trouble for everyone around her, and a sly, grumpy, greedy asura guardian, who gladly pushed others into a trap, to grab the treasure for himself, but his heart was actually in the right place, when his decisions really mattered. We got very fond of the duo, and even when we don't play, we regularly mention them in our conversations, because we simply love the lore of Tyria, and the endless possibilities of new adventures. While my friend is not playing that regularly anymore, he sometimes still logs into the game and I help him finish some story chapters. Slowly but steadily he is also on the way to craft his first legendary, Nevermore.


What I am trying to getting at, is that by taking everything into account, there is actually a perfect gift for his birthday: if he could truly become a tiny part of Tyria. I have some ideas to achieve this:

- Put our main characters as NPCs somewhere hidden, without any effects, fancy armors or conversations, they should just simply be recognizable. Why I'm thinking in a duo, is because in the fan-fictions, the two characters were mostly shown together.

- Put a simple human NPC into the game (maybe Divinity's Reach?), which has my friend's first name. I already checked the wiki and there wasn't a match for this name, so maybe it could work.

- Mention his or our characters' name in any sorts of in-game text. (Like books, item descriptions, etc.)


Is there any way to accomplish something like this? Unfortunately as far as I know, none of these can be achieved without the help of the dev team, so I humbly glancing at them right now, but as I said in the beginning, any other ideas would be also greatly appreciated! 🙂 Maybe there is a way to make something truly unique which I'm not aware about. (And I swear, if we can accomplish something here, I will give gifts to the orphans during the next Wintersday. Yes, the greedy asura is my character.)

I don't think any game have ever let people "put someone in the game as an NPC" unless they're famous or dying. 

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