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Additive or Multiplicative ? Incoming Damage ? Wondering about skills and traits.


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Hello, I'm sorry if it has been answered before, but it seems there is still no consensus about it. How do those -% damage works ? Do they add up or they just do a multiplication ? What is the difference between an -% Incoming Condi/Damage and a Condi/Damage -% Reduction ?

Aren't they all the same thing ? For Damage, isn't it the same thing ? What about Condition Damage ?

If I do Breakrazor's Bastion + Versed in Stone, do I get 100% Condition Damage reduced or do I get Condition Damage Reduced 50% AND -50% Incoming Condition Damage ?

If I have Protection (33), Rite of the Great Dwarf (50) and Vengeful Hammers (20), do I reach 100% Damage reduction ?

And all others situations you can think of. What is it really ?

Revenant :

Rite of the Great Dwarf (5s): Gain 50% damage reduction. You are still susceptible to conditions and control effects.Traited -> Versed in Stone : Condition Damage Reduced: 50%Vengeful Hammers : -20% Incoming Damage, -20% Incoming Condition Damage

Renegade :

Breakrazor's Bastion (10s): -50% Incoming Condition DamageAll for One (Trait) : Using Legendary Renegade abilities grants protection to allies near the summoned warband member. (Protection (4s): -33% Incoming Damage)Righteous Rebel (Trait) : Condition Damage Reduced: 33%

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% modifiers in GW2 are all multiplicative. This means:

  • Having 5 +10% dmg buffs -> 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 = 1.61 resulting in a 61% dmg buff
  • Having 5 -10% dmg reductions -> 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9 = 0.59 resulting in a 41% dmg reduction

Using your example of Protection, RotGD and VH you get 0.67 0.5 0.8 = 0.27 which is a 73% dmg reduction. You cannot reach 100% dmg reduction.

As far as I know there is no difference between an -% Incoming Condi/Damage and a Condi/Damage -% Reduction. It's just different wording for the same thing. For conditions the game only differs between damage and duration.

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Thank you BunjiKugashira, it clears a lot ! I was toying around Renegade and was looking a way to manage conditions better in PvP Scourge/Mirage Condi Meta. Kinda a little let down when you need to invest in traits and use more than 1-2 skills, which use a lot of energy, to not still being immune (and they aren't long buffs either).

I guess it's better than nothing. Gotta work with what you have.

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It's been discussed before but I'll bring it up again. The problem with stacking these isn't so much the damage. All of the -dmg reduction traits do nothing for CCs/soft CC condis like Chill, Cripple, Slow, Immobilize, etc. These ends up killing you due to being locked down. It doesn't reduce their effectiveness. It only reduces the damaging condition.

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