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Why can't we merge account with Steam? (assuming FAQ is still correct on this topic)

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I'm on Linux, and want to make it easy to play the game with Proton.  I know there are other ways to do this, but why do I have to go through that if I can just use Steam? Is there a really good reason that is of benefit to ArenaNet not to let us just use the Steam launcher?   Will that potentially be changed later?  I wouldn't expect a lot of effort to be required for it. I assume one reason for issues might be that our purchases through Steam will go partly to Valve, but to be clear, I value the service Steam provides a great deal because they put a lot of money into development on my platform so I actually think they more than make it worth it to me to accept that if I'm to buy something else on Steam.  I think I should be able to make that decision without having to give up what is in my account. 



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You can launch your regular account through Steam by using the launch option "-provider Portal" (or launch your Steam account regularly using "-provider Steam"). You just can't use Steam to buy expansions/gems for your regular account.

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