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Bjarni is sad. . .

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I just stopped by Breakneck Pass in Wayfarer Foothills to see if Bjarni was excited for the year of the Rabbit. He said he was but that he heard a rumor that Arenanet didn't add a Bunny Miniature to the game. to celebrate the year of the Rabbit. This made him sad, isn't there anything we can do to get a Bunny miniature added to the game to make Bjarni and other fans of bunnies happy?

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Based on previous years it's possible it will be a gem store mini, maybe going on sale next Tuesday. It's also possible there won't be one.

2015 (ram) was a gem store mini.
2016 (monkey) didn't have one.
2017 (rooster) was in the black lion chest.
2018 (dog) was an achievement reward (for setting off 88 fireworks). For some reason that year also included the mini lunar "horse" purchased from vendors.
2019 (pig) didn't have a new mini but the mini golden pig returned to the gem store.
2020 (rat) was sold at vendors.
2021 (ox) didn't have one.
2022 (tiger) was sold at vendors.

So there doesn't seem to be any consistency between years. We can safely assume there won't be a mini rabbit available from achievements or vendors because it would be there already, and the black lion chest has been updated for the festival and doesn't include one, but it could be added to the gem store later on, or this might be one of the years they're not doing one.

On 1/12/2023 at 6:09 PM, Linken.6345 said:

this is the closest your going to get.


That's exactly what I'm using for now.

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