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Firebrand skills and alacrity

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I was doing bounty trains last night and I noticed that my utility skill I use for quickness was constantly getting thrown off whenever I got alacrity. It would repeatedly change to the version it uses when at 2 or 3 charges while still only having one charge, and then if used, it would go on a cooldown until the next charge came up, only temporarily fixing it. Because alacrity seems to throw off some in-built timer in it somewhere. I let it hit two charges and then it takes nearly twice as long or longer to get the last charge back. It happened repeatedly over the hours I was running with a Desolation+Vabbi bounty train. The only way to fix it(temporarily) is use the final charge as soon as it's on the correct version and then wait till you can use it again. It'll break again if you get alacrity. I don't know if this affects anything other than firebrand.

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