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2 accounts 1 email address

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I returned to the game after a very long lay off and created a new Steam account.  This I setup against the same email address that my original anet account was under.  I only realised as I got back into the game that when I logged in to try the API link that the account auto goes to my old account.  Is there a way to get to my new account on this to get the API key for that.  I logged a support ticket with them asking and they sent me this way.  




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Not sure if this is the best place to post your problem as this is the API development forum. You need an API key to access data from your gw2  account, but i doubt if anyone here knows exactly how that key is build (maybe a mix of e-mail-address and permissions).

I also find it weird that you were able to create a 2nd account (via steam) using the e-mail-address from your 1st account (because that e-mail-address is already used for another account). But that may be Anet's fault (i can't think of anything else).

A possible solution may be that you delete your key from your 1st account via https://account.arena.net/applications (you need to login there with your gw2 credentials from your 1st account).

More info about the API key:


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Thanks for the help and I agree I was surprised it let this happen and it had been so long since I played I created it before I even realised I could still access my old account.  For info the reason I posted the initial question here is because ANET said they could not help with an API prob and sent me the link to here asking me to put it here.  Not a prob though looks like I will just have to live without being able to create and API key against my new account.

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