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[BoB] OCX Guild looking to fill two separate statics [FILLED]

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We are rather chill on a lot of things but I want people to know what they’re doing. Currently recruiting for two different statics.

Static 1 : W1-4 Clears
Tuesdays, 7PM UTC+10. (Currently: 1AM PST for those in the US)
DPS who can swap to support DPS.

Requirements: For a dps, we require 25k on golem. This way during fights we know you can drop and still be doing well. For support we ask for 12k with 90% uptime in the golem. We understand mechanics happen.

Static 2: W5-7 Progression
Wednesdays, 7PM UTC+10. (Currently: 1AM PST for those in the US)
A DPS support, a Heal Main (must know tanking and shields) and multi DPS.
We are currently in progression on all PoF end boss CMs. We do not always do all the CMs, but we are trying. For Healers, the reqs are a little weird so I will PM you.

Requirements: Able to do some specialty role experience (Handkite, Push, Kiting, etc).

The link below to apply has a full list of the specialty roles we are looking for.

Questions? PM me in game: shinkamalei.2574

Be aware that we have 2 upcoming time changes – 1 for US and 1 for AUS (parts of it).So by mid April, if you’re in the US, it’ll be like 3AM PST.

If interested, DM me on discord (shinkamalei#9782) or message me in game. I have a link that you'll have to fill out.

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static 1 is filled
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