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portal at Drakkar


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Looking for an explanation as to when/where to place portals for the Drakkar fight.  I know it's inside and outside on the last phase of the fight when fighting the spirits, but I must be confused as to why.  I was under the impression that the mesmers who will place portals would each choose one and not go in for the First portal fight so as to not get the debuff.  A couple people told me I was wrong, so I wanted to ask here.  Thanks.

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Idk why they said you're wrong but you're correct unless I'm misunderstanding something. There are 3 minibosses. Mesmers will skip the 1st fight so they don't get the debuff in order to port 2nd or 3rd fight. Majority of players will rush into the 1st fight so you don't need a Mesmer for that. Therefore you only ever need 2 Mesmers porters for Drakkar.

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