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[NA][PvE] Dedicated player LF Guild

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Hey all!

10 year vet recently returned after a spell away from the game looking for a guild focused on raids & strikes.

Prefferably looking to raid more than twice a week with a guild focused on progression and clears.

scheduled times for me range from Reset+2.5hrs (during my work week) to 24/7 on my off week.

prefferably not on Thursdays as this is my most unreliable day due to RL.

I am located in Alaska so earlier EST raids are difficult for me to maintain regular attendance on my work week.

I have clears on W1, 3 & 4 - progression on W2.

Experience as raid Chrono, Alac Druid heal, FB qDPS & pDPS.

I am a dedicated player looking to truely engage endgame content to the fullest and am willing to build a class/spec to the requirements of the right guild.

i currently main a pDPS sword weaver (~25-33k) - yes i hate myself ;)

would prefer to bring Alac Druid healer as i am truely enjoying this class - but ultimately understand current Meta requirements need to be met.

If any of this seems to be something your guild is looking for, hit me up on Discord @ Mako#5276

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